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Garrdal is an American made 2 part flashing that is designed to go around roof top obstacles such as wire masts, high efficiency HVAC stacks or other circular penetrations up to 5 inches. A split boot alternative that has a single piece appearance. UV resistant with tear away ribs allowing the flashing to adjust up to over 5 inch diameter.

The most common uses are anytime obstacles prevent using a standard "push over" pipe boot or 3 in one or when replacing any pipe flashing where you don't want to install new shingles in the area that may not match.

Extreme temperatures and UV resistance are not an issue with the materials used to manufacture Garrdal. The base that is fastened to the roof is a polymer known as Copylene, it provides the structural support for the UV resistant seal against the pipe, 70 shore TPE. The best known brand of this polymer is Santoprene. Data sheets for both of these are on this site, look around or send a question.

Savvy roofing contractors and General Contractors and their salespeople will know how to leverage a better looking and longer lasting retrofit solution to close more deals. Smart roofing products suppliers can also leverage the ease and speed of  installation and other benefits of Garrdal to find and retain more of those savvy customers.

Dealers need to be aware, If your customer wants a product that you don't stock, you should expect to lose them to a competitor who stocks that product. Garrdal installs faster, looks better and lasts longer than other retrofit remedies. Stocking substandard products for those afraid to change isn't always a bad thing, some don't like change. Not giving customers the choice to buy a  superior product is a foolish business practice. Let them choose.

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